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2nd Grade
Acarostic Poems
Create you own poems
Character Scrapbook
Online Character Anaysis
Let's Meet Jan Brett
A WebQuest designed for Second or third Grade Language Arts
Based on popular Dr. Seuss books. Fun activities. Games require Shockwave
Telling Time
When you're counting you need to know the order of numbers. You need to figure out the first and third numbers in these series.
There are no links in this category.
Builder Ted
In this interactive game, students must order decimals
Cash Out
You are the crazy cashier
Spelling City
Input spelling lists for your students to use for free spelling help
The Magic Key
Fun literacy activities
Play exciting games like Matho and Hidden Picture (+ -x /)  Also has great flashcards
Disaster Math
Six sets of interactive word problems: Earthquake Math, Hurricane Math, Tornado Math, Wild Fire Math, Winter Storm Math, and Flood Math.
Johnnie,s Math Page
Multiplication Activities
Make Beliefs Comix
Create your own comix strip. It's easy and fun!
Six Traits
Online writing lab for elementary students
Aesop's Fables
An impressive collection of more than 650 classic fables and their morals
Different Types of Poems
This site has great definitions and examples of poetry for kids.
Shel Silverstein
Visit for the games (such as Finish Shel's Poems), the terrific printables (a coloring book, a bookmark, and two Poetry Kits) and to watch animated video clips from Silverstein's poems and books (some performed by Silverstein himself.) 
Factor Tree
Find all prime factors of a composite number with our factor tree. This game is interactive
Power Football
All operations with decimals. From FunBrain
The award presented by the ALA to the author of "the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children." 
Sadier Phonics
Use your knowledge of words, synonyms, analogies and more, as you try out the games and activities 
Wacky Web Tales
Choose one of the tales to create your own funny story.
Challenge Exercises
Two are given, you supply the third
Geometry games
Hooda Math
Hooda Math is all about making math fun and making math easy
Ny Child? A bully?!!
Article for parents
Pacer's National Center for Bullying Prevention
The child-advocacy group which focuses on children with disabilities offers anti-bullying materials.
Stop Bullying Now!
The US Department of Health & Human Services has launched a campaign with tips on how to identify and prevent bullying
Stop Bullying: Speak Up
The Cartoon Network is running PSAs and offers online resources for parents and kids.
The Anti-defamation League
This nonprofit civil rights advocacy group offers tips for parents and resources for teacher
The nonprofit provides tips for teens on how to navigate the internet safely and for parents to keep track of their kids' web based activities.
There are no links in this category.
Move the crates to a different order
Difference Triangle
Swap tiles so that each number in the triangle is the absolute difference between the two numbers below. The absolute difference is effectively the same as subtracting the smaller number from the larger number, whatever order they appear in.
Flip Over
In this puzzle you must arrange the pattern of shapes so that there are 4 octagons followed by 4 stars with the 2 blanks on the far right. The twist with this puzzle is that every time you move the two shapes they flip relative positions.
Hop Over
The goal is to reverse the order of the counters so that there are 3 purples, then 3 blues and finally the blank space.
Letter Blocks
The challenge is to arrange the numbers 1 to 15 so that each adjacent pair, when added together, result in a square number. 
Lock Down
In this puzzle each row, column and the two diagonal lines add up to 12. The catch is that one of the numbers cannot move and must be locked before the tiles can start to be moved. After this the puzzle works like any other slide puzzle where you must try to meet the finishing condition by sliding the tiles into position.
Magic Star
Each line of the star and the enclosing circle need to have the numbers rearranged on them until they add up to 26. 
Route Finder
Choose your start point from any of the circular nodes on the grid. You must then visit each straight section in only 19 moves. They will fade out to show they have been visited. As there are 17 straight pieces and the minimum you can complete this puzzle in is 19 you will obviously have to revisit a couple of straight sections.
Square Sums
The challenge is to arrange the numbers 1 to 15 so that each adjacent pair, when added together, result in a square number. 
Two at a Time
To solve the puzzle all of the stars must be grouped together and so must the pentagons. The two empty spaces can be left at either end of the row.
Khan Academy
Learn almost anything for free.
With over 3,100 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practice, we're on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace. 
O'Conner House
Website with games to learn about Civics
Parent's Guides 
To Cybersecurity, Cybergullying, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook
Pearson Success Link
All COCSD students can log in

By Kathy Epperson

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